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Hi, I'm Eli

A Fullstack Web Developer

Long time learner and community taught software engineer with a deep interest in automation. Familiar with a wide range of languages and technologies including HTML, CSS, TypeScript, Node.js, Express, React, MongoDB, mySQL, C#, and more. Currently designing and developing puzzles for fellow creative minds at escape room companies!


Who Am I

I am a creative, persistent problem solver who strives for the most efficient solution to a challenge. Code and engineering have always been a large part of my life. Whether I'm on the road mentally deconstructing traffic light systems I see, determining the logistics of my home's water system, or contemplating whether to replace my appliances with smart devices for automation, I am constantly engaged in technological problem-solving.

I began programming in elementary school, building 2D game applications using drag-and-drop software. Soon after, I started tinkering with any electronic device I could find. At the age of 8, I built my first electrical project: an alarm clock that buzzed when light hit a photosensor. This magical and eye-opening experience opened the doors to the world of technology for me.

Since then, I have realized the vastness of the programming world and delved into web development. With each project I undertook, I delved deeper to improve my skills. I started my professional career at an escape room, where I wired, coded, and automated puzzles to enhance the user experience and ensure easy maintenance for game masters. Recently, I assisted in successfully deploying a web app game designed for large-scale virtual team building events.


My Toolbelt

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What I've Built

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Eli-Keith Bass

Fullstack Developer

I am available for freelance or full-time positions. Please fill out the form or reach out on LinkedIn if you'd like to get in touch!

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